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Hermès makes the most gorgeous & highest quality silk neckwear in the world, and eBay offers a great forum for people to purchase new & pre owned Hermès ties & scarves at a fraction of the retail prices.

But due to the sheer volume of transactions that take place on eBay everyday, eBay relies mostly on its members to report replica and counterfeit items to its customer support unit, which in turn will decide whether to take the counterfeit items offline. Unfortunately, enforcement can sometimes come too late and the buyer is stuck paying so much for a counterfeit item. We need to weed out those cheap Asian imitations!

There has been an influx of fake Hermès ties from China and Canada sold mostly by unscrupulous eBay sellers, and they must be stopped! It's a sucky experience to pay top dollar for a fake Hermès.

This site is set up by a concerned eBay member who adores Hermès neck ties and wants to assist fellow eBayers ascertain the authenticity of Hermès ties. This site is not related to eBay or Hermès. There is no catch here; this is just a resource for people who love Hermès ties and want to learn how to discern genuine Hermès from those Chinese knock offs. Once your have learned how to tell the real from the fake, you will never join the long list of victims who paid top dollars for a counterfeit merchandise.

Some of the visitors here have asked me the proper pronunciation of the word "Hermès". The "H" is silent; "Hermès" is pronounced "ER-mez." It is not AIR-may or HERM-ease.


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